Katie and Tanner

Katie and Tanner

Instagram: @katiekeegs19

How many dogs do you have: one

Tell us about your dogs: I have one Red Fox Lab named Tanner that is a spunky and active boy that loves to play fetch and loves to carry all his toys around the house. But he is also very cuddly and loving.

Where do you live: Chicago, IL

What do you do: I am an Account Executive for a healthcare accreditation company and also a clean crafted wine consultant on the side!

Favorite thing about being a dog mom: Having a furry best friend to always turn all your bad moments into good ones.

Best dog mom hack: Giving my boy cold baby carrots for healthy treats.

What do you do with your dogs for fun: Play fetch and go for car rides!

What is one dog mom goal of yours: Always keep my boy happy and healthy and read up on the latest things that will help prolong my dogs happy and healthy life

Fun fact: We are looking to get a second dog down the road once we get a big fenced yard!

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