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Being an ambassador for TDMC is all about doing what you do best - being the amazing dog mom you are. We don't care how many followers you have, the only thing you need to be qualified is to be a dog mom!

US dog moms only! We will open up to Canada and international ambassadors once we expand our shipping limits!

A little about the program: This is a commission based program that allows you to earn a commission when you refer a customer to The Dog Mom Co! The program tracks the use of your custom coupon code you will create and your custom link and in turn, you get paid!. The link will track any purchases made within 30 days of the initial click! Starting commission is 5% of every sale you make using your code or link. Once you hit a certain amount of sales your commission rate will be bumped up. Payouts will be at the end of the month and are administered through PayPal.