I bleach dyed my favorite hoodie from The Dog Mom co shop!

I bleach dyed my favorite hoodie from The Dog Mom co shop!

So I hear the new quarantine pass time trend is bleach dying sweatshirts n stuff. So I tried it out. Did I go to far with this one? Yeah probably. Do I kinda like it though? Yeah definitely. 

Hoodie I used: https://thedogmomco.com/products/dog-mom-v-neck-hoodie

Supplies needed:
-something to bleach dye
-spray bottle
-string or rubber bands
-gloves (I didn’t wear them and I should have)

-Start by twisting up the garment. There’s no right or wrong way to do this. I always grab in the middle and twist it up. I do the “crumple” method too (making this so called “method” up, I don’t actually know what I’m doing). The less perfect the better they turn out IMO. Then I wrapped it up with a string because I didn’t have any rubber bands. It helps keep the twist/crumples intact. Then spray bleach over the visible spots of the garment. About halfway through, I’ll unwrap it and see where I could use more bleach. This is where the “two tone” look comes from, because the first portion of bleach had longer to work. I waited a total of 10 minutes for the bleach to do its magic. Unwrap it and run it under cold water until the water is clear. Wash with detergent on cold. Dry per the garments instructions. And voila! All done 😍 

Watch the video here:


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