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Article: Charley and Koda

Charley and Koda

Charley and Koda


INSTAGRAM: @kodathegermanaussie @codasevents

MY DOG: Koda

TELL US ABOUT YOUR DOGS: Koda is a German shepherd/Australian shepherd mix that I received from my bestfriend for my 22nd birthday! He’s a smart boy, loves training & loves playing with humans & their pups!


WHAT DO YOU DO: Social Work student & business owner

FAVORITE THING ABOUT BEING A DOG MOM: I love how much I feel like he loves me unconditionally. It’s the best thing ever.

BEST DOG MOM HACK: Learn how to make things. bone broth, treats etc & reach out to local farmers for good deals... If you can’t afford to buy stuff that's like treats, you can make them yourself. Just add peanut butter! Local farmers will have things like goat milk & other produce that you can find at a cheaper rate than at the store.

WHAT DO YOU DO WITH YOUR DOGS FOR FUN: Hike, volunteer at St. Louis Children’s & travel!

WHAT IS ONE DOG MOM GOAL OF YOURS: To learn more about training so I can eventually do it myself!

FUN FACT: Koda is on an ad for Purina DentaLife chews! You can find him in magazines like HGTV!


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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